Alano Club of Menomonie. Ltd.

Your Meeting Place for Recovery and Fun

Everyone is invited to join us for fellowship and fun 
on Saturday night

    The 1st Saturday of the month is Pizza night, starting about 7:15 p.m.
Your donation towards the cost of pizza is appreciated. 

The 2nd Saturday of the month is Pot Luck, starting about 7:15 p.m.
Bring a dish to pass.

The last Saturday of the month is our Speaker Meeting.
Treats and coffee at 7:00 p.m. with our speaker meeting following at 7:30 p.m.

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The Officers and Directors of the Alano Club of Menomonie, Ltd. meet the 1st Monday of the month beginning at 6:00p.m.  The entire meeting  is open to all Club members to get your input and ideas, answer questions, etc.  Not a member yet?  It's only $6.00 a month.  Join us and be an active part of the Club.
Weekly Meeting Schedule

Sunday          Noon           A.A. Grapevine Meeting
Sunday          4:30 pm       A.A. Better Days                                                          
Sunday          6:00 pm       Women's A.A. New Beginnings (closed)                      

Monday          6:30 am      A.A. First Things First (closed)
Monday          Noon          A.A. Living Sober (open)
Monday          6:00 pm     Wellbriety
Tuesday         Noon          A.A. As Bill Sees It  (open)                                                
Tuesday         6:00 pm     A.A. 164 Meeting (closed)
Tuesday         6:00 pm     G.A. Gamblers Anonymous 
Tuesday         7:30 pm     C.M.A. (Crystal Meth Anonymous)  

Wednesday   Noon          A.A. Keep It Simple  (open)
Wednesday   6:00 pm     A.A. 24 Hours a Day (closed)
Wednesday   7:15 pm     N.A. Attitude of Gratitude (open)

Thursday      Noon           AA (open)
Thursday       Noon          Al-Anon
Thursday      6:00 pm      A.A. Steps & Traditions 12x12 (open)

Friday           Noon           A.A. Traditions Study (open)
Friday           6:00 pm       A.A. Dr. Bob's Candlelight (closed)
Friday           7:15 pm       N.A. Attitude of Gratitude (closed)

Saturday      10:00 am     AA 11th Step Meditation (closed) 
Saturday      6:00 pm       A.A. Big Book (open)
​Saturday      6:00 pm       N.A. (closed)
​Saturday      7:30 pm       Speaker meeting last Saturday of the month see details below.
What's an "open" meeting?  Can I attend a "closed" meeting?

​​A "CLOSED" meeting is for those wanting to recover from alcoholism or additions only.

An "OPEN" Meeting is open to the public. We encourage anyone interested in learning more about addictions to attend. Anonomity still applies, though.  What you hear here, stays here. 

Alanon is for anyone involved or has been involved with someone who is an alcoholic or addict. This includes spouses, children, friends.
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